Movie Screening #worldipday

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

Movie Screening #worldipday

To celebrate world IP day, Stellenbosch University, Innovus, the Chair of IP Law and Spoor & Fisher will host a private screening of the film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on 25 April to coincide with the World IP Day Seminar, which will start later on the same day.

The film, starring Oprah Winfrey, is based on the award winning non-fiction book of the same title by Rebecca Skloot. It documents the story of Henrietta Lacks, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the 1950s, and whose HeLa cells  would change the course of cancer treatment.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a film not just about scientific breakthroughs, but also highlights the ethical issues of race and class in medical research in the 20th century.

The screening is free and open to students. Seating limited.

Date: 25 April

Time: 12:30

Venue: PULP Cinema, Neelsie Student Centre, Stellenbosch.


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