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Phishing scam disguised as DHL Shipping document

Phishing scammers and fraudsters will never give up trying to trick people into giving their personal details, passwords and bank account details. The latest scam (although by no means new) involves a DHL (courier) shipping document:

The subject will be: “Track Your Shipment DHL Shipping Document (B/L ******#####) 

The content will be:

“Good Day

Your Shipment arrived at the post office on <recent date>. Our courier was unable to deliver the Shipment to your address. 

To receive the Shipment you should go to the nearest DHL office and take your mailing label with you. The mailing label is attached. Please print it and show at the nearest DHL office to receive the Shipment.

Thank you for using DHL Service”

As you can probably see,  this is not a valid DHL notice. It is not addressed to you directly, DHL does not deliver to the post office, and will never ask you to print out a mailing label to take with you to the DHL Office.

By the way, if you did go to the attachment, it will take you to a website page where you fill in your personal details, bank account number and e-mail address (supposedly for the mailing label) and this is where you will be caught by the scammers.

DHL does not operate this way. When you receive a DHL shipment, the courier arrives at your door with your details (including your  phone number) and you have to produce your  ID document for identification. You was able to trace the parcel and DHL will phone to inform you when the courier would be due to deliver.



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