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Calling all reluctant designers

Whether you are a professional, aspiring or reluctant designer, occasionally you have to rustle up a poster, flyer, ad or some form of graphic representation.

Canva an Australian company, was founded in 2012 to easily create graphic designs for whatever purpose.

The web site rapidly became popular, with more than 750,000 users in its first year. It currently has over 10 million users across 179 countries. It’s also considered to be one of the easiest graphic design platforms available at the moment. 

Canva is considered to be one of the easiest (according to some THE easiest) graphic design platforms currently available. One of the biggest challenges with graphic design is learning to use software like Adobe Photoshop, a fairly complicated programme. Canva eliminates this learning process and doesn’t expect you to be an expert designer to use it. How is this possible?

One way with which Canva simplifies the design process is by using an easy, intuitive drag and drop system which makes adding, removing, and editing elements extremely easy. You can choose between 11 available templates or customise your document from scratch. It also provides over 8,000 free and paid layouts.

Additionally, it offers a free photo editing tool, colour palette generator, and font combination tool, along with a database of over a million photographs, graphics and fonts. Many of the images are for the Premium package, which will cost you $1 per image, but you can easily upload and use your own images.

All these tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics. Canva is free for individuals, but also offers a ‘Team’ tier at $12.45/month,



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