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Before you resign or retire …

You’ve packed up your office, said goodbye to your colleagues and you are ready for your new job. But what happens to your sun email address, your data or any electronic services you used while working at Stellenbosch University? We have a few tips and instructions. 

As soon as your active role as staff expires, all your electronic services also terminate. This process is necessary to maintain a healthy and secure network and to ensure that unused, dormant accounts are not used for nefarious purposes by cybercriminals.

In other words, from the date when your service at SU is terminated, you no longer have an active role at the university and you can no longer use university services. In this event, you will receive an email from informing you that your username will expire.

To ensure that you are prepared in advance, we also suggest you do the following at least three months before you leave the university:

  1. Create a new email address for yourself (if you don’t have one already) There are various options, for example, Gmail or Yahoo.
  2. Activate your Out of Office function on you Outlook mailbox and indicate in the message what your new email address is, in case someone needs to contact you. 
  3. If you use your @sun address for your banking, Facebook, DSTV or iCloud accounts or any other services or social media, change it to your new email address. We would also like to urge you to keep your work-related and private emails separate. Rather create a private email address for your personal correspondence.
  4. If you have any personal data on your electronic work devices or network storage (G: or H: drive), remove it and store it on your own external hard drive or online cloud storage, for example, Google Drive or OneDrive
  5. Make sure that your relevant work-related data is accessible for further usage by your colleagues and the university after you leave. However, do NOT give your password to colleagues when you leave the university as this poses a security risk.
  6. If you need any assistance, contact Information Technology and one of our technicians can assist you.

Students who are graduating or terminating their studies can find the necessary information on this pamphlet compiled by the IT HUB.

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