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How to save battery life on you cell phone

Friday, October 26th, 2012

In a previous post we gave you some tips on saving your cell phone’s battery life and received such a positive response, we decided to continue with a follow-up.

The demand and expectation to be available and connected at all times, is constantly increasing. However, few things are as frustrating as having to make an important call or send an e-mail and our phone suddenly dies on you.

A dead cell phone battery is inevitable, but you can take small measures to ensure that it does last a little bit longer.

1. Wi-fi, 3G and Bluetooth

If any of these functions are activated by default they will constantly try to connect to any available service or device in the area. If you do need to be connected all the time, disable them and connect when needed.

2. Back light

Do you really need a bright back light on your screen in the middle of the day? Your phone needs energy to generate the light and the brighter the screen, the more battery life you sacrifice. Rather set the light less bright.

3. Apps

Sure, it’s very cool having all the latest apps giving you all sorts of information. Just keep in mind that apps need a lot of power to run.Power you might need to make an important call.

4. GPS

Using your GPS for checking in on Twitter or other social networks may be handy, but it will make a huge dent in your battery life. And when your GPS fails and you get lost, how will you make that call?

5. Alerts

Are you one of those forgetful people who has to reminded of every appointment and task on your list every hour? Notifications on cell phones are very handy, but putting your phone on vibrate and receiving regular notifications take up a substantial amount of power.




More band for your bandwidth

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Most of us are clueless when it comes to internet providers and the various packages they offer. So how do we know where we can get value for money?


Warning for 3G users: Risk of overspending on data accounts

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Users are warned to practice caution when using certain providers’ 3G bundles on laptops. Some of these do not protect the user against overspending.

The risk of overspending occurs when users are under the false impression that their 3G package is safe to use until the package runs out. This is not necessarily the case. Higher costs can occur when the initial bundle’s capacity is exceeded and a much higher tariff kicks in. The user will then, without knowing, pay the higher tariff.

The risk of overspending is increased by software updating automatically and therefore generating more traffic. To avoid overspending ensure that the settings of your software updates are set to manual.

Another risk 3G users need to be aware of is the excessive cost of data overseas. Wireless in hotels is usually much more affordable than the local service provider’s roaming data options.

Users are strongly advised to limit the amount they want to spend or traffic they want to allow. (All this information can be found on your service provider’s website.) Also activate sms and email notifications when your data bundle is close to its limit. In this instance prepaid data is a considerably safer option.

3G users are encouraged to monitor their traffic and data usage on the 3G control programme, as well as the service provider’s website. Preferably switch off the 3G facility when it’s not being used.


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