Prospective Students

We have a dynamic and growing group working on basic ecology, modelling, monitoring, and risk analysis. E-mail me to discuss post-graduate projects.

Post-Docs and Postgraduates

  • Laura Fernandez Winzer (pending lifting of COVID restrictions)


  • Arunava Datta  (Post-doc, 2019–2020) "Invasion risk assessment of sterile and hybrid cultivars" Stellenbosch University
  • Katelyn Faulkner  (Post-doc, 2015–2019) “Identifying global priorities for the prevention of biological invasions
  • Ana Novoa  (Post-doc, 2013–2017) “Cactaceae invasions in South Africa” Stellenbosch University
  • Vernon Visser  (Post-doc, 2013-2015) “Grass invasions in South Africa
  • Charlene Janion-Scheepers  (Post-doc, 2013) “Earthworm invasions
  • Di Spear  (Post-doc, 2012) “Problems, challenges, and solutions in the development of lists of introduced species
  • Sjirk Geerts (Post-doc, 2011-2012) “Reproductive ecology and demography of incipient plant invaders