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We provide daily, one-on-one writing assistance to the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Contact information

Law Faculty, Ou Hoof Building

Harriet Harding LLB/LLM

Gideon Basson LLB

Daniéle-B von Ziegler Smith LLB


Booking a consultation

  1. Go to the Faculty’s legal writing website
  2. Follow the steps on the page “Book a Writing Consultant”

Booking Rules

For all information regarding consultations: 

Booking Rules (Online Protocol) 2021


How to make an appointment with a Consultant:

  1. Use the Appointy Platform to the left of this text and follow the prompts. 


  1. Go to the Faculty’s legal writing website
  2. Follow the steps on the page (Book a Writing Consultant)

NB: You will need to log in with your Gmail or Facebook username and password to make an appointment. 

The following information is required to complete your booking:

  • Student number
  • Module (i.e. Private Law 171) – only for undergraduate and Language bookings
  • Time slot (in lecture) – only for first year language support
  • Thesis supervisor – only for LLM bookings

You will receive a confirmatory email for your booking that will also contain a link to cancel your appointment should you need to.

NB: Please note that the maximum number of appointments allowed per module are two. Should you book more than two appointments, the consultant will cancel the additional appointments. 

Please remember to send your assignment and questions 24 hours in advance to the applicable consultant.

Onthou om jou opdrag en vrae, 24 uur voor jou konsultasie, na die spesifieke skryfkonsultant te stuur.

In line with the precautionary measures taken by Stellenbosch University’s Law Faculty in response to national Covid-19 measures, ALL CONSULTATIONS WILL HAPPEN ONLINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

In order for the consultations to run smoothly, students will be required to email their assignments along with questions, concerns or points of discussion regarding their assignment to the consultant 24 hours prior to the consultation. Thus, if your appointment is at 9am on Wednesday, these documents should be provided by 9am on Tuesday in order to comply with these guidelines. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the appointment being cancelled.

All consultations will take place on Microsoft Teams. The consultant will only provide you with the appointment link on the morning of the consultation.

Students must please ensure that they are available on Microsoft Teams for their scheduled appointment time. Please further note that the same rules apply regarding the rescheduling or cancellation of such appointments, in this regard please consult the Booking Rules. If you have any further queries relating to your consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In ooreenstemming met die voorsorgmaatreëls wat die Universiteit Stellenbosch se Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid in reaskie op die nasionale Covid-19 maatreëls te tref, sal ALLE KONSULTASIES AANLYN GEBEUR TO VERDERE KENNISGEWING.

Vir die konsultasies om so glad as moontlik te verloop, sal daar van studente verwag word om hul werksopdrag, 24 uur voor die konsultasie, saam met vrae rakende hul werksopdrag, per e-pos aan die skryfkonsultant te stuur. As die student se skryfkonsultasie vir Woensdag 9 uur geskeduleer is, moet die opdrag en vrae teen Dinsdag 9 uur aan die skryfkonsultant gestuur word, sodat dit aan die riglyne voldoen. Versuim om aan hierdie vereiste te voldoen, sal daartoe lei dat die afspraak gekanselleer word.

Alle afsprake sal plaas vind op Microsoft Teams. Die consultant sal eers die oggend van die afspraak, ‘n skakel verskaf.

Studente moet asseblief seker maak dat hulle op Microsoft Teams beskikbaar is vir hul geskeduleerde afspraak. Let asseblief daarop dat dieselfde reëls geld ten opsigte van die herskedulering of kansellasie van sodanige skryfkonsultasies. Raadpleeg die besprekingsreëls in hierdie verband. Moet asseblief nie huiwer om ons te kontak as u enige verdere vrae rakende u konsultasie het nie.

We provide daily, one-on-one writing assistance to the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate students with the following key aspects of their writing:

  • strengthening of argument(s), with a focus on structure, logical flow, progression and sufficient references in support thereof;
  • structuring their assignment to ensure coherence and logical flow with emphasis on introduction, body, conclusion, lay-out (text conventions), title and headings as well as length;
  • establishing links between legal rules, principles or facts;
  • evaluating academic register centring on formal language, conciseness and clarity;
  • assessing language use that require proofreading essays and provide advice on sentence construction, spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  • assisting with general academic conventions such as the use of sources, citations, in-text references, reference list or bibliography and guidance with regard to plagiarism; and
  • research, including finding sources, understanding readings, linking research to the research question.

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