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We provide daily, one-on-one writing assistance to the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate students.







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Booking a consultation

  1. Go to the Faculty’s legal writing website
  2. Follow the steps on the “Book a Writing Consultant” page


Booking Rules

For more information regarding consultations: 

Booking Rules 2024




The writing consultation services will be available from 1 March 2024 until 30 November 2024.

Kindly note that we will continue to use the online booking platform, Appointy. Should this change, guidelines on how to schedule appointments will be communicated .

Any queries can be directed to the Faculty’s Writing and Media Coordinator, Ms Desiré Maré, at

Please remember to send your assignment and questions to the relevant consultant 24 hours in advance. Please refer to the booking rules for information regarding consultations taking place on a Monday or after a public holiday.

Onthou om jou opdrag en vrae, 24 uur voor jou konsultasie, na die spesifieke skryfkonsultant te stuur. Verwys asseblief na die reëls vir inligting oor konsultasies wat op ‘n Maandag of na ‘n openbare vakansiedag plaasvind.

Students have the option of attending either in-person or online consultations. Please indicate the preferred option when making the booking. Considering the amended class timetable, the booking slots for writing consultations have been adjusted accordingly. Therefore, to prevent any overlap with classes, the writing consultations will commence at 10 past the hour, and not on the hour.

Appointments can still be made up to, but no later than, 48 hours before the booked time and date, so ensure that you make your appointment timeously before the due date of your assignment/paper.

For the consultations to run smoothly, students will be required to email their assignments along with questions, concerns or points of discussion regarding their assignment to the Consultant at least 24 hours prior to the consultation. (For example, if your appointment is at 9 am on Wednesday, you must send your documents by 9 am on Tuesday.) However, for consultations taking place on a Monday, please make sure that your assignment and any relevant questions are submitted to the Consultant no later than 15:00 on the Friday before the consultation. Similarly, for consultations taking place the day after a public holiday, please ensure that your assignment is submitted no later than 15:00 the day before the public holiday. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the cancellation of the appointment.

Consultations will either be held on Microsoft Teams or in person.

Please consult the Booking Rules for further information. If you have any further queries relating to your consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We assist the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate students with the following key aspects of their writing:

  • strengthening of argument(s), with a focus on structure, logical flow, progression and sufficient references in support thereof;
  • structuring their assignment to ensure coherence and logical flow with emphasis on introduction, body, conclusion, lay-out (text conventions), title and headings as well as length;
  • establishing links between legal rules, principles or facts;
  • evaluating academic register centring on formal language, conciseness and clarity;
  • assessing language use that require proofreading essays and provide advice on sentence construction, spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  • assisting with general academic conventions such as the use of sources, citations, in-text references, reference list or bibliography and guidance with regard to plagiarism; and
  • research, including finding sources, understanding readings, linking research to the research question.

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