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Journal Citation Reports for 2017 now available

The Journal Citation Reports with 2017 data are now available. The following new features are included:

  • Re-designed and enhanced journal profile pages (see screenshots below)
  • Document-level transparency for the JIF and new indicators
  • Citation network expansion: Citations now include the contribution of the Book Citation Index
  • New contextual information: Geographical data of authors and a list of top contributing institutions.

Find the Journal Citation Reports on the Library Homepage under Find/E-databases/Journal Citation Reports.

These metrics could be helpful in finding a good journal, but remember that there is no guarantee that an individual article in a journal with a high impact factor will be well-cited. JCR and the Journal Impact Factor can be useful in helping you to choose a journal, but it is always good to use it in combination with other methods too, such as asking the opinion of a colleague or supervisor, or maybe your own knowledge of the editors of the specific journal.

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