The launch of Stellenbosch University’s new Data Management Plan (DMP) platform, SunDMP, will take place during the launch of Library Research Week on Monday 13 May, at 15:30. Book here to attend this event.

SunDMP revolutionises research data management by streamlining DMP creation, ensuring legal compliance, and fostering a culture of transparency. Planning for research data management has advanced significantly with SunDMP, which the FAIR wizard platform enables. Data management planning entails preparing how researchers will manage their data during and after the research process. Researchers now have a solid tool to expedite this process and effectively articulate their data management strategies. SunDMP is important because, by the SU Research Data Management Regulation, these plans must be submitted with research grant applications.

Creating thorough data management plans (DMPs) is essential to data management planning. These documents function as road maps, outlining different facets of data management during the research project. Researchers specify how data will be gathered, handled, examined, and distributed in a DMP. DMPs also include strategies for encouraging research data reusability, which is essential to modern scientific methods.

Researchers can use technologies such as SunDMP to create strong DMPs, assisting them in making important decisions and guaranteeing adherence to legal requirements. Additionally, SunDMP can improve the efficacy and accessibility of data management planning by providing researchers with intuitive software, ultimately promoting an open and accountable culture of research data stewardship.

Please contact Xabiso Xesi (Tel: 021 8089489) or Sizwe Ngcobo (Tel: 021 8089978)  for assistance. Or send them an email at

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