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Sep 03

Full volume tetrahedral mesh from microCT data

This video shows the generation of a tetrahedral mesh from a microCT scan – tetmesh_small This is a new functionality in Volume Graphics VGSTUDIO MAX 3.3. We can do this for you with any 3D data. See more at for this and other 3D image analysis services. This example is a tensile dogbone sample …

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Aug 30

Nautilus nanoCT

A nautilus shell is analyzed here using a nanoCT scan and 3D image analysis powered by VGSTUDIO MAX. For more about this interesting natural structure have a look at wikipedia here, the analysis is meant to show how nanoCT can visualize and analyze interesting structures in full 3D, as in the video and images below. …

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Jul 29

Artec Eva and Spider handheld scanners available for rental

Good news for hands-on students and engineers – we are renting out our Artec Eva and Artec Spider scanners on daily, monthly and annual rates. Do your own scanning, with the best handheld scanners around. Examples of scans can be found here: Specs of scanners: International clients welcome, on long term rentals …

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Jun 28

Coffee bean nanoCT scans

This study in collaboration with Dr Karen Cloete from iThemba Labs includes some great coffee bean images and a great video can also be seen here. Find the full paper here:¬† And a great video here: coffee bean v2  

Apr 16

International CT scans

This case study is meant to explain that our CT scan services are international – there is no need to be here on location for scanning and shipping most typical samples are no problem at all. The advantage? The price! The price of CT scans is much lower here than in your local CT service …

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Apr 10

CT scanning of cast metal parts

This is one of the best-known applications of X-ray inspection and CT scanning – to check cast metal parts for porosity and extent of porosity. Here one example with nice video showing the data and results available for such parts. CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO OF CT RESULTS: casting1_small

Mar 18

X-ray CT inspection for medical implants

Introduction This case study was performed to demonstrate how routine X-ray CT inspection adds value to medical implant production, ensuring quality and reliability. This particular case is for 3D printed (additively manufactured) titanium hip and knee implants but the methodology is applicable to all manufacturing techniques, not only additively manufactured implants. X-ray CT inspection is …

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Feb 07

What is inside a Samsung S7 smartphone?

This case study is a quick but powerful demo of what X-ray CT inspection can do. The Samsung S7 used in the test is my own phone, 2 years old and not in use. This phone was released about the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – which had battery explosions often. The …

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Jan 17

Bike frame scanning

Here is a video of a recent scan, watch this space for more info! bike NDT small video

Nov 01

View from the inside

This is a microCT image of the inside of a 3D printed metal lattice structure – the struts are 0.75 mm wide and rough as built by laser melting of metal powder.