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As a research facility, we take pride in our work and enjoy assisting and supporting your research, and making it happen. We will often make suggestions, plan the work and develop new ways of getting the relevant information out. In this case we hope to take part in writing the paper and co-author the work, but collaboration is optional – and provides no discount. It is always mandatory to cite our paper in your work, for all outputs relating to scans done at our facility, irrespective of collaboration or not. This paper is suggested but any papers from our group is acceptable:

Here is a document with more helpful information on how to make most of your data and how best to acknowledge our inputs in your work: MicroCT data analysis and reporting MicroCT data analysis and reporting

The CT facility is a high-throughput support service of the university. As we are researchers we formed a separate research group – Research group 3D Innovation – through the academic department of Physics where Prof Anton du Plessis is affiliated as associate professor. More about this research group, which includes work in Additive Manufacturing, X-ray tomography applications, and Biomimicry can be found in the separate website. Publications are listed below

Research group 3D Innovation

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The CT Scanner Facility at Stellenbosch University: An open access X-ray computed tomography laboratory. A du Plessis, SG le Roux, A Guelpa. Nuclear methods and instruments in Physics research B. Vol 384, p 32-39 (Oct 2016).
We kindly request academic users to cite this paper when referring to work done at our facility.

Comparison of medical and industrial X-ray computed tomography for non-destructive testing. A du Plessis, SG le Roux, A Guelpa. Case studies in nondestructive testing and evaluation.

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