Jun 19

Beer Mug Metrology

A beer mug was acquired from Germany during a training visit, and it was decided to use this as an example for dimensional measurement or metrology using X-ray CT. The simple process employs best-fit planes and cylinders in this case to determine the height and diameter of the mug, though any distances or angles could be determined in principle. In this case a plane was fit to the indicated level of 500 ml, and the internal volume measured using a volume analysis tool, as 500.45 ml. We congratulate our German beer mug manufacturers on this accuracy and feel the beer was worth the money.

Height and outer diameter measurements:

beer mug height

beer mug outer diameters


Beer volume measurement

beer mug 1
beer mug 3d beer inside

Wall thickness analysis:
13062014_02 beer mug 1

Slice image showing hole in arm:
13062014_02 beer mug 4

Analysis performed in Volume Graphics VGStudioMax 2.2