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Material type - metal

Jun 19


This simple example demonstrates two things: 1. It is possible to penetrate and successfully scan a small dense object such as a bullet (containing lead) 2. Accurate dimensional measurements are possible using metrology tools, allowing for example forensic analysis of such samples, ie. determining the caliber or make of the bullet MOVIE: Analysis performed in …

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May 19

Nondestructive analysis of solder joints

Here we show solder joints and wire connections inside a large product, imaged nondestructively. X-ray CT is cost effective for testing all such solder connections even in large parts.

Jan 10

Light bulb

A simple example of the X-ray imaging capabilities of this technology is with a normal filament-type light bulb. A digital X-ray image (obtained in a few minutes) is shown, providing useful information on the location of different materials and providing an inside view, though in 2D only. This type of imaging is a standard NDT …

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Jan 28

Example CT Report: Non-destructive testing of various components for cracks, porosity and inclusions

NASA test report_CT1301   This report includes results from tests of various mechanical components, and aims to show the type of results from CT scans. The report format is standard for all work.

Nov 14

Porosity of metal blocks

Titanium blocks clipping