Mar 24

Scanning bones

In a recent academic project, a batch of scans was done on bovine bone samples at 80 micron resolution. This works forms part of a collaborative study between UCT (RSA) and ENSAM (France) aimed at understanding mechanical strength of bone so as to improve the design of protective clothing and structure. Due to the size of sample in relation to resolution required, many samples could be scanned in one volume, reducing the total time and hence cost. Approximately 80 samples could be scanned at a time, in less than 30 minutes (excluding setup and reconstruction time). Total job time was 16 hours for approx. 320 samples, including cropping each sample into a separate volume. This totals approx. R27.50 per sample, so please stop saying CT scanning is expensive! (This excludes VAT and 7% admin fee.)

slice with planejpg


Cropped 3D view of bone structure with false colour (red = dense, yellow = intermediate)
crop 3djpg