A number of publications and theses have been published, with more to come!

See below for a list of publications and theses from our group:

Published papers:

  • Drew, D.M., Downes, G.M., Seifert, T., Eckes-Shepard, A., Achim, A. (2022). A review of progress and applications in wood quality modelling. Current Forestry Reports. In Press,
  • Eckes-Shephard, A. H., Ljungqvist, F. C., Drew, D. M., Rathgeber, C. B., & Friend, A. D. (2022). Wood formation modelling–a research review and future perspectives. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13, 1-21.
  • Drew, D.M. (2021). Exploring new frontiers in forecasting forest growth, yield and wood property variation. Annals of Forest Science, 78, 29-30.
  • Saunders, A., Drew, D.M. (2021). Measurements done on excised stems indicate that hydraulic recovery can be an important strategy used by Eucalyptus hybrids in response to drought. Trees
  • Saunders, A., Drew, D.M. (2021). Stomatal responses of Eucalyptus spp. under drought can be predicted with a gain-risk optimisation model. Tree Physiology.
  • Saunders, A., Drew, D.M., Brink, W. (2021). Machine learning models perform better than traditional empirical models for stomatal conductance when applied to multiple tree species across different forest biomes. Trees, Forests and People, 13, 1-12.

Theses (not embargoed):