A number of publications and theses have been published, with more to come!

See below for a list of publications and theses from our group:

Published papers:


  • Tonkin, C. (2023). M.Sc. thesis. Carbon allocation and biomass accumulation within eucalypt clones with contrasting water use strategies.
  • Gakenou, O. (2021). M.Sc. thesis. Parameter testing and application of the 3PG model for Eucalyptus grandis x urophylla on the Zululand coastal plain, South Africa.
  • Saunders, A. (2021). Ph.D. dissertation. Investigating the photosynthetic and hydraulic trade-off during drought recovery in eucalypts.
  • Mfuni, T. (2021). M.Sc. thesis. Assessing forest yield and site suitability for Eucalyptus grandis x E. urophylla in coastal Zululand, South Africa, under climate change scenarios.
  • Mhlabane, F.S., Hale, N., De Villiers, A. (2020). M.Sc. project project. A mathematical model of wood growth. Submitted in partial fulfillment of a structured Master’s degree at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) South Africa.
  • Sibiya, G. (2020). M.Sc. thesis. Predicting growth and future yield in Eucalyptus grandis x urophylla stands using the CABALA process-based model. Submitted in partial fulfillment of an M.Sc. (Forest Science) at Stellenbosch University.