Partners and Collaborators

Active and open collaboration is an important part of our strategy in the EucXylo program. We see linkages with the best possible people as the best possible route to success.  EucXylo requires expertise in a broad range of areas, and it is not feasible to have a full range of expertise in one person; or certainly, it’ll be very hard to find such a person!  But it’s very possible to pull together a great team from the huge pool of talent at Stellenbosch University. This is what we’ve done!

The EucXylo research program works with scientists from across Stellenbosch University’s faculties of AgriScience, Engineering and Science:

Such a diversity of skills at the University is extremely valuable for all researchers who are working within the EucXylo Chair. Students who are part of EucXylo will be able to easily access the extremely broad availability of expertise and facilities in the University through these partnerships.

We also work closely with an expanding network of South African and international experts. Some of our collaborators and friends are:

We are also proud members of the new Q-Net network of scholars using Quantitative Wood Anatomy.