The key features of the BD FACSJazz™ include factory-optimized settings, intuitive alignment, real-time video monitoring, and BD FACS™ Accudrop technology. The instrument comes standard with the 488-nm laser, the 405-nm laser, and the 561-nm laser, and can be configured to analyze up to 6 fluorescent parameters. The BD FACSJazz supports two-way sorting into 5-mL tubes and 15-mL tubes, 96- and 384-well plates, slides, Petri dishes, or other custom collection devices. The BD FACSJazz™ is housed in the Biosafety Laboratory Level 3 at the Department of Molecular Biology, Tygerberg Campus and will be used primarily for the sorting of infectious cells or particles.


For instrument specifics click here Specification sheet BD FACSJazz. For bookings or more information contact Mrs Andrea Gutschmidt.