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Adobe licences update

Users of Adobe Acrobat software may have noticed a pop-up notification stating that their licence will be expiring at the end of November.

This is an administration issue on Adobe’s side and can easily be rectified for you to continue working seamlessly. If you don’t update your licence, you will no longer be able to read or edit pdf documents with the Adobe Acrobat software.

To prevent this from happening, you can do one of the following:

  • Open the following link. You will be prompted to enter your username & password and the licenceupdate.exe file will, depending on your browser, either ask you to run/save or download automatically.
    1. If your browser prompts you to run/save, click run. You might get a notification that Windows considers the file to be unsafe, but you can click more info and click run anyway. Notices will pop up on your screen. In each instance, just click on Yes. The command window will display the new date when Acrobat will expire. Click any key to close the command window.
    2. If your browser automatically downloaded the file, browse to your download folder and double click the licenceupdate.exe file. Follow the steps described above.
  • If you can’t successfully execute the instructions above, please log a request with the subject “Update Adobe licence” on the ICT Partner Portal. Keep in mind that this option will mean a delay in response time. 



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