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Illegal software on SU devices

Stellenbosch University devices are equipped with the necessary software for our staff to perform their work effectively. This includes the latest operating system; all the Microsoft applications (Office 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Adobe Acrobat Professional, TeraTerm and the necessary Antivirus software. Licenses for specialist software can also be purchased through the IT department, will fall under the University’s educational license and therefore be less expensive than a license bought in a personal capacity. These include Adobe Creative Cloud; MatLab and Statistica, among others.

Installing and using this software is essential for staff, however some of our staff use their SU devices for their own personal use and subsequently download and install non-supported as well as illegal software on their PCs.  This includes games and illegal series or movies.

Not only does this put the University’s network at a high risk security-wise, it also puts the University at risk legally. Even if Information Technology does not install the software, we are still being held responsible for it if it’s an SU asset and it runs on our network. 

The fight against illegal software and piracy is mainly fought by the BSA. The Business Software Alliance (BSA) confronts companies that use or distribute illegal
software. Read BSA’s statement on illegal software. 

Therefore we kindly request that you ensure that if you install software, it’s safe and legal to use. Otherwise it might have implications for you and the University.

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