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New multi-language feature implemented on REDCap

A new multi-language management feature was recently implemented on the REDCap platform for researchers. 

With REDCap’s new multi-language management feature, you can create and configure multiple display languages for your projects for surveys, data entry forms, alerts, survey invitations, etc.

You can design data collection instruments and have them be displayed in any language that you have defined and translated so that your survey participants or data entry persons can view the text in their preferred language. This eliminates the need to create multiple instruments or projects to handle multiple languages.

When entering data on a data entry form or survey, your users and participants will be able to choose their language from a drop-down list on the page to easily switch to their preferred language for the text displayed on the page. This feature allows you to translate all text related to the data entry process, both for surveys and for data entry forms.

Even various survey settings and email text can be translated. If you have Project Design/Setup privileges in a project, you will see a link to the Multi-Language Management page on the left-hand menu. All information for this new feature is located there if you wish to learn more.

For more information do join the REDCap Community of Practice (CoP) Teams site where the new functionality and other matters relevant to researchers are discussed. 

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