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ELS – Not just another acronym!

Extended Learning Spaces has been the talk of the town in Stellenbosch since the project started last year. This project aims to ensure that all the lecture venues regularly used by staff and students have been set up to allow students to join in virtually or in-person and have the same experience.

The project has had some hiccups as we await hardware from international suppliers. However, we are pleased to say that Academic IT has begun ensuring that classrooms already set up are fully supported. We do this in partnership with the Faculty Computer User Area teams and IT staff.

For lecturers who need assistance the following is available:

  1. Training on the use of the devices and software.
  2. Troubleshooting for errors encountered.
  3. Real time virtual or in-person support.


How do you get the help you need?



The Learning Technologies Support Desk can be used for non-urgent queries or to request training.


For immediate assistance:


Call: 021808-2999   
Scan the QR code  
Contact us on MS Teams  


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