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online security

What’s wrong with your password?

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Passwords are an important aspect of computer security and your electronic key to the network of Stellenbosch University. But which passwords work best? 

Lorrie Faith Cranor is a security researcher and an Associate Professor of Computer Science and of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. In March of this year she presented a TED talk on her study of thousands of real passwords to figure out the surprising, very common mistakes that users — and secured sites — make to compromise security.

Watch her very interesting talk on her research on passwords below. After watching Lorrie’s talk you might also want to change your own password. On how to do that and more password tips, have a look at our wiki or make use of the self help function online.

Money gone phishing?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

The second you connect to the internet you put yourself at risk. Scary thought, but we tend to forget just how vulnerable we are and the easy targets we become when we’re not careful about our safety on the internet.

As an internet user you expose yourself on a daily basis to malicious software and the possibility of data theft. This includes phishing. Phishing scams use bogus e-mails and Web sites that seem legitimate but are actually designed to trick users into revealing personal and financial information. Computer criminals can then use the data to spy on or blackmail users, hijack their online accounts (including bank accounts), spread rumors, or operate under the victim’s identity.

According to our local Stellenbosch ABSA branch there are still some Stellenbosch University staff who fall prey to cybercriminals by clicking on phishing emails. To make sure you don’t become a victim, read more on phishing on IT’s self help wiki.



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