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Online survey tool for SU staff and students

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020


The web-based e-Survey service (SUNSurveys) is available to support academic staff and students of the University of Stellenbosch using online surveys for their academic research. SUNsurveys is also regularly used for staff opinion polls, voting and service delivery surveys.

Information Technology uses Checkbox as platform for our surveys. Checkbox is an intuitive survey creation tool with real-time reporting which allows for surveys to be customised. 

To register for use on Checkbox and send out official Stellenbosch University surveys, you can apply for the service online. More information on our Service Catalogue.

Once you have registered, support will be provided throughout to enable you to set up your survey, as well as training if needed. Additionally Checkbox has detailed help guides which will assist you will any potential problems you may encounter.

Take note that before you are allowed to send out a survey for research purposes, you will need institutional permission. Full information on the process can be found on the Information Governance website 

If you have any enquiries, please log a request on our ICT Partner Portal at ICT Partner Portal.

IT Mobile Survey produces interesting results

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Last month the Information Technology Division’s Mobile Technology task group, which includes members from the Centre for Teaching & Learning, Library & Information Service and e-Communication, ran a short online survey concerning students’ present and future preferences about mobile phones and tablets . The main aim of the survey was to ensure that Stellenbosch University is able to track trends in students’ mobile device choices so that relevant university mobile services are rolled out in future.

We all know that students love cool mobile apps, but we also know that most don’t have high-end Apple or Android devices – yet. We need to understand how fast that picture is changing so that we can ensure that mobile services and apps that make a real difference to students’ academic career and campus life are rolled out timeously.

The electronic survey invitation was sent to 25817 under- and postgraduate students and 13% participated. Results will be used in aggregate and statistical summary to inform the university’s mobile strategy. Thanks to the survey, we came across some interesting facts regarding mobile use and expectations of students.

Most students choose their cell phone based on its cost-efficient communication with friends and family and not necessarily as a status symbol, nor for its functionality. It does seem from the results that there might be a significant move away from Blackberrys to Android and iOS (Apple) phones over the next year, although Blackberrys remain popular on campus.

More than half of the survey participants would prefer it if the university suggests specific types of tablets for academic-related use. The most important mobile applications, listed in order of importance, are exam results, exam and class schedules, task information, calendars (class, modules, academic, sport, etc.) and learning content.

The survey was anonymous and no response was linked to any individual. One lucky winner did walk away with a R1500 Incredible Connection voucher. Thank you to all participating students for their valuable input.

A similar survey will be run in approximately six months’ time.


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