Support Services

Our Central Application Office can assist with any e-application and other application related enquiries. Here you can find information on how to apply at Stellenbosch University and programme admission and selection requirements.



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Where do I apply?

The e-application is available at

What programmes do you offer?

Read up on all the programmes we offer at Stellenbosch University by visiting What can I study.

Can I apply to more than one programme?

Yes, you may select a maximum of three programmes from any faculty.

What are the admission requirements?

Each programme has its own requirements. You can find all the necessary information under Admission and selection requirements on the website.

Should I write the National Benchmark Test (NBT)?

The NBTs are only required for applicants to the Law faculty and School of Tomorrow students.

When do applications open and what is the closing date?

Applications open on 3 April and closes 31 July for all undergraduate programmes.

When can I apply for residence accommodation?

During the e-application. Please visit Accommodation for more information.

By when will I receive feedback on my application status?

No later than 30 September.