Student Life

Stellenbosch University values its students and is committed to delivering a transformative student experience. To enable students to succeed, the University provides a wide range of student-focused services, guidance, support and opportunities.

Student communities

A variety of student accommodation aims to enhance students’ university experience. Students may live in undergraduate residences, senior residences, be part of one of the Private Student Organisation wards and clusters, or experience the Listen, Live and Learn houses. Among the facilities at these residences are network points for connecting computers to the University’s network, electronic information resources, the internet and web-based e-learning tools. Communal living areas create spaces where students can socialise, watch TV or just hang out.


Whether students live privately or in a University residence, they are part of a cluster community nurtured to promote student success. All students belong to a cluster from their first day as a Matie. A cluster is a place of belonging and a home away from home for students. SU has seven cluster communities, formed by the geographic proximity of the smaller communities (residences) within them. Clusters create physical, on-campus spaces where students who live off campus can meet and integrate with on-campus students. These spaces are hubs where students can study and eat together.

Mentor Programme

The goal of SU’s student mentor programme is to facilitate and guide first-year students to find their space within the larger community of clusters and residences. The adjustment of a new home, a new space and a new community can be stressful on top of starting a new academic career. Our mentors facilitate the transition and adjustments tertiary studies hold, and to make it as easy, exciting and stress free.

Counselling and development

We offer dynamic and student-centred psychological development and support services that contribute to the transformative experience of every undergraduate and postgraduate student. These services include academic counselling, occupational guidance and development, individual and/or group therapy, developmental workshops and assisting students with special learning needs. Carefully selected specialists in the fields of psychology, psychometrics and social workers aim to meet the needs of the University community.

Maties Sport

SU has a long and proud sports tradition. Maties Sport aims to foster excellence in both the academic and sport performances of talented student-athletes, and to promote social cohesion and engagement in an active lifestyle among students and staff. Maties Sport has identified seven high-performance or priority codes, namely athletics, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby and swimming. The University’s sports and entertainment facilities are available to students, staff and the public.

Co-curriculum offering

The Co-Curriculum Office positions experiential learning as pedagogy for social justice through Shared Humanity: Lessons in Critical Thinking; academic transcript recognition for approved co-curricular activities; training in the principles of designing for transformative experiential learning; and the experiential learning prospectus. Collaborative partnerships, research, monitoring and evaluation assuring alignment to SU Vision 2040. 

Student societies

Societies make a great contribution to students’ lives on campus by creating an environment where students can meet new people who share similar interests and take part in activities that promote a balanced campus lifestyle. A variety of societies have been established over the years, focusing on, among others, social awareness (environment, gender), religion and spirituality, culture, hobbies and the arts (music, dance and photography), academic (Golden Key, debating) and community service.