The BSc Sport Science is a three year fulltime program that study “man in motion” from a physiological, Biomechanical, psychological, philosophical, social and economic perspective.

The program includes a theoretical and practical component.

The theoretical component include modules such as; Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Sport Injuries, Sport Physiology, Sport Psychology, Sport History, Peak Performance and Adapted Movement programs.


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What are the differences between the BA sport science and BSc Sport Science degree?

Both degrees are completed over 3 years

Entry requirements for the degree are different:                                                       



Afrikaans 4 OR English 4 (50%)

Afrikaans 4 OR English 4 (50%)

Maths 3 (40%) OR Maths Literacy 6 (70%)

Maths 5 (60%)

Physical Science 3 (40%) OR Life Sciences 4 (50%)

Physical Science 4 (50%)

Any other designated university admission subject 4 (50%)

Any other designated university admission subject 4 (50%)

The Grade 11/Grade 12 aggregate must be at least 60%-excluding Life Orientation

The Grade 11/Grade 12 aggregate must be at least 65%-excluding Life Orientation

The BA degree has 4 options for majors: English, Afrikaans and Nederlands, Psychology and Geography. The English, Afrikaans and Nederland and Geography allows students entry into the PGCE program.

The BSc degree has a bigger focus on Biochemistry and Physiology. The BSc degree allows the students entry to the PGCE program.

Both degrees allow you access to our 3 honours program and the application process is the same for the honours program (no degree path is favoured over the other for honours selection). BA & BSc students will enter with different knowledge and skills sets.

What can I do with my sports science degree after three years?

Please explain the differences in the three honours programmes?

BSc Hons Kinderkinetics (1 year)

The Kinderkinetics degree aims to promote & optimize the neuro-motoric development of young children (0-13 years) through scientifically based physical activity.

  • Promote functional growth and proper motor development of young children.
  • Focus on certain movement activities to promote/facilitate sport-specific skills.
  • Implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes for children with growth and/or developmental disabilities to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Bsc Hons Biokinetics (1 year + internship)

Biokinetics is a medically recognized professional discipline, applying scientifically based physical activity, to either help prevent disease or to do final phase rehabilitation following the onset of disease. A Biokineticists can be thought of as a specialised exercise therapist that functions in a professional alliance to health and medicine.

BSc Hons Performance Sport (1 year)

Focus is on strength and conditioning, program design, training load monitor, use of technology and performance analysis. The focus is on improved performance of individuals or teams.