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Emma at Uppsala University, Sweden

Emma attended the 4th disABILITY MUNDUS Doctoral School at Uppsala University, Sweden.


Preparations for my trip. As a mom of a baby and a 5 year old I had to ensure that I had everything prepared for when I was away (from expressed breastmilk, meals to babysitters). I decided to travel as light as possible as I was planning to use public transport in Sweden. I learned that while their transport systems work, they can be busy and crowded during peak time so the smaller by bag the better. I took a small wheelie bag and a laptop backpack to make my life easier. Putting a bright tag on the bag really helped when 300 black wheelie bags get put on the airport carrousel. I made sure that I had printed out all of the time tables and knew which companies operated in which areas before hand. I am very glad that I did as their central station could be very overwhelming if coming off a 16 hour flight.

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Linda in Stockholm

Linda Luvuno attended a course at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. Here is her story.


I unfortunately lost my little brother two weeks before I had to leave so my memories of that time are a bit misty. My excitement was tainted by the need to be around people who were going through what I was going through.

What I do remember though is the struggle to find affordable accommodation. This was the biggest headache to be quite honest! I eventually found something the eve of my brother’s funeral, 6 days before I fly out. On that day my supervisor and I were still deciding whether we should take the only expensive available option! We did. It cost 12 000SEK which is about R18 000! There are cheaper options though if you can pay the deposit and stay a bit longer than the 4 weeks I was there for.

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