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Benjamin attends the System Dynamics Summer School at MIT, USA

Preparations for departure:

The American visa is publicized as one of the hardest to acquire. Given the lengthy online application form that ought to be completed, such proclamations may contain some truth. Completing the online application form might take three hours if diligence (which is very necessary) is to be employed. Once the online visa application is completed; the next phase is booking appointment (online) to attend an interview at the embassy/consulate. There are three centers in South Africa, and the consulate in Cape Town is the closest venue in the Western Cape for interview. Usually, the nearest time-lapse between interview booking date and attendance is about three weeks to one month. This varies depending on the consulate´s backlog.

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Matt at Stanford University, USA


Once I had accepted my admission offer to Stanford, everything went by fairly quickly. Stanford provided a detailed checklist of all the things that needed to be sorted before I arrived. The list didn’t seem to end.

The preparations needed for a two and a half month trip overseas are enormous, especially if you are travelling alone. Luckily, my accommodation and food was already all sorted as it was provided by Stanford University (at a pretty hefty fee). The only things left were the flights and the visa.

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