Noluvuyo at the Radboud Summer School


It all started with the visit to SU International to get more information on summer schools after having a chat with a friend on international opportunities offered by Stellenbosch University. The SU International staff was very helpful, their door was always open to explain and answer any questions I had on international summer schools. The visitation was followed by the application process which included making a video clip on why I wanted to go to the summer school and why the courses chosen. With the help from my friends in the Faculty of AgriScience, Department of Animal Sciences, we managed to produce a clip. I must confess, making a video clip was not as easy as I thought, if you do it right the first time, lucky you. It actually made me realize why most people freeze and forget their lines in auditions, now it was my turn, but fortunately, I was not freezing in front of the judges.

Lesson from this, do everything in time so that you have enough chance to play around and edit your clip.

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Inance at the University of Bologna, Italy


For me the semester abroad meant much more than just an exchange. Living abroad, specifically Italy, has been something I thought about often but I never dared to explore the possibility. However, I knew that I would one-day regret not pursuing this dream. So, for about a year and a half before my exchange I started studying Italian, simply because I liked the language and the Italian way of life and I had a hope to perhaps have a use for it someday. Little did I know that an adventure of a lifetime was waiting for me…

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"When it comes to suitcases: backpack beats duffle bag, suitcase with wheels beats backpack and convertible backpack with wheels trumps everything. " Summer School Traveler Corneli Smit