Christiaan de Wet at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

Christiaan de Wet

LLB Student

Semester Exchange in the Second Semester, 2022 at Bucerius Law School


The pre-departure preparations were daunting at first, but if one follows the steps provided by the International Office, everything should run smoothly. The International Office was very helpful with any questions I had, and they helped where they could. It is definitely advisable to start preparations as soon as possible, as leaving fundamental requirements, like visa applications or accommodation to the last minute will only add to the already stressful atmosphere of leaving the country for a few months.

Even though pre-departure is full of excitement, it does come with a lot of unavoidable stress, so make sure to have everything in place as early as possible. I personally left my accommodation to the last minute and ended up paying a LOT more than I originally budgeted for, so I would definitely advise that one sort it out as soon as possible. DISCLAIMER: if you decide to go to Bucerius Law School and you want to stay in their dorms, fill out the form within the first few seconds, because I filled it out within five minutes, and it was already full.

The visa application for Germany was pretty straight forward, and I received my visa within a week of my appointment, but I guess it depends on the country you’re visiting. You just have to make sure that you follow the directives given for the application and that you have all the necessary documents. But again, I would definitely try and sort out the visa application as soon as possible, because you never know what might happen. I visited Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, and they were very helpful with giving us all the information with regard our pre-departure preparations. This included information about housing, insurance, module registration etc. So, I would advise that one utilizes all the information and make sure that you stay up to date with any new information that the host university might send your way. What worked well for me was to make a list of everything that I needed to do before I left and to systematically tick the boxes. You just have to make sure that you actually do what’s on the list (unlike me with my accommodation…). And then lastly, just enjoy the last few months with your friends and family and don’t let the nervous excitement eat you up, because I can promise you, you are going to miss them.

Christiaan with friends at Volkspark Stadion