Jun 03

Biomedical CT scans

Any medical CT data can be processed, visualized and analyzed in detail at our facility. Got a medical CT data set and need something MORE? No problem, we do it. All we need is the DICOM or image stack with XYZ slice and pixel spacing. We also handle 3D data from serial block face imaging, FIB-SEM, synchrotrons, 3D handheld scanners and CMMs and many more.

This example shows some of the advanced analysis that is made possible, and highlights the potential for microCT applications in biomedical engineering studies as well, this microCT scan of a human femur was taken at 50 um. Enjoy the video and get in touch to make videos and analysis like this for your research or industrial application

If embedded player does not work, click here: Bone Video V3-1 or here Bone Video V3-1


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