Category: Biological

Mar 24

Scanning bones

In a recent academic project, a batch of scans was done on bovine bone samples at 80 micron resolution. This works forms part of a collaborative study between UCT (RSA) and ENSAM (France) aimed at understanding mechanical strength of bone so as to improve the design of protective clothing and structure. Due to the size …

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Mar 03

3D nondestructive imaging of garlic flakes

This proof of concept study shows how non-destructive imaging can be used to visualize cellular structures and thereby identify different materials, in this case garlic and some other biological material related to garlic. In this slice image, the green arrow indicates garlic with its unique cell structure and density (grey value), while the red arrows …

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Feb 10

CT and MRI scanning

As a complementary 3D imaging tool for our clients, we offer the ability to do experiments using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans in collaboration with our colleagues at the Brain Imaging Centre. MRI is complementary to CT and allows the visualization of especially water-rich materials such as biological tissue: live animals, meat, fruits, plants, etc. …

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Feb 07

Digital Volume Correlation

In a unique and powerful collaboration between our facility and the Mechanical Engineering Dept at the University, we are offering a new service: Digital Volume Correlation, using the LAVision commercial software package. The software calculates changes occurring in a sample in full 3D, making it possible to quantify and visualize changes in 3D using colour …

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Jan 10

Anatomy of a shrimp

There are many applications of microCT in scanning small insects and small animals, for positive identification of their species and 3D visualization of internal and small structures, where traditional microscopy sometimes fails to produce good images. This is an example of a shrimp, with 3D views, a slice view and some measurements of limb lengths, …

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Jan 28

New service: 3D Fingerprinting of precious stones

In this new service, we offer a full microCT scan of precious stones, at a resolution determined by the size of the stone. The full 3D data can be used to 100% accurately determine a precious stone’s identity, for example to identify a stone after recovery from theft. The service includes a report and full …

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Nov 16

Resin pocket visualization inside Wood

resin pocket ANIMATION

Nov 14

Vine graft less dense material

ANIMATION: CLICK HERE –> Vine graft rotation

Nov 14

Maize kernel

Maize kernel rotate

Nov 14


Lizzard rotate