Analysis + Data Bank

CT Data bank

We provide an exciting new double-edged service where users can deposit their data for long-term storage (either entirely private or openly available to other users) and with all this data available we can also offer unique 3D datasets for sale (ie. you can purchase any dataset you find on our database of accessible scan data, no need for scanning procedures, just get data immediately and use it for your research).

Deposit prices to store your data (from any location or scanner facility) are as follows:
1. Open access – ie. we can sell the data to other users and anyone can use it for any purpose: free
2. Private deposit – no one gets access except you – $20 / R250 per month for up to 1 Tb & $200 / R2500 per year for up to 1 Tb

1. Owner of the data can withdraw data for free at any time
2. Purchase of data is $50 (R700) per data set

This is a new venture and therefore we ask you to directly email us your requests, until our website is up and running.

Image analysis

Our High Performance Centre makes available full time access to 3 dedicated analysis workstations with multiple CPUs, good graphics cards and 64 – 128 Gb RAM each, for advanced 3D data analysis. This is mainly for CT data analysis and we offer Volume Graphics VGStudioMax 2.2 & 3.0, imageJ and VSG Avizo Fire 9.0 & Simpleware but other softwares can also be installed, so please enquire about this.

Access fees are charged, which include an intern or analyst always on hand to assist, as well as after-hours access possible. Access fees are R3500 for a month or 4 hrs slot = 1 hr cost of CT scan time (R450 internal, R750 external academics, R1250 commercial)

Long-distance clients: let us do your analysis at very competitive rates, with fast turnaround times. From slice by slice manual segmentation, to advanced porosity analysis, try us for the best service and quality. CT scans not required, analysis can be performed on any 3D data sets. We can also reconstruct data recorded at other facilities and optimize the reconstructed data quality using special software tools. Make more of your data – contact us today!

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