Jun 02

Level 3 lockdown

Great news – we have opened under strict level 3 conditions from 1 June 2020. We are open for work under the following rules:

  • From June 1st, clients are advised to use the drop-off booking option to submit samples for scanning or data for analysis https://www.supersaas.com/schedule/CAF_Booking_systems/CT_Facility
  • Samples and data drives will be delivered at scheduled times only, to our facility gate and left on the floor after ringing the bell. No walk-ins allowed, times for delivery must be arranged beforehand. Sample packaging will be sprayed with alcohol spray and the package left for one day unopened. The same procedure in reverse for data and sample pickup. National and international clients are requested to use courier services, adding our phone number.
  • Students who require analysis time will be required to conduct a daily health assessment (self –evaluation) to determine if they are fit for work.
  • Only trained students to use facilities, no training or one on one assistance will be provided.
  • To adhere to social distancing, only one student will be allowed to analyse in a day on a PC. BOOKING in advance is essential.
  • Trained students with sufficient internet bandwidth may make use of the remote analysis on another PC – same booking slots necessary, arrange with us before for the login details. No support after hours is possible, if you are kicked off or make a mistake.

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