Jan 25

New developments for 2018

With a new year comes new exciting capabilities and possibilities for our users. We have the following new additions to the facility, all becoming fully available on 1 Feb:

  1. New scanners: Artec Eva and Spider

Artec Eva and Spider are two scanners meant for 3D scanning of any objects to generate accurate surface models, including photorealistic texture. For more information on these scanners please see the Artec website:

Some ways you can use them for your R&D:

  • measure your fruit still growing on the plant, once a week, to check real growth and volume change
  • measure actual dimensions of large metal parts that are difficult for CT scans, to compare to design files
  • reverse engineer a complex part that is broken
  • scan objects and overlap 3D textured mesh with CT data of same object, for great visuals
  • scan weld seams to check for surface problems
  • scan your head to make a 3D print of yourself
  • and so much more!

2. Do your own scans

Many researchers and students want to do their own scanning, this is now possible, conditions are:

  • training charged at full rates for 8 hrs, one student per training only
  • student must pass a basic proficiency test after the training, or repeat the training
  • self-scanning is limited to fixed parameters set up prior to session
  • fixed after hours scan rate per evening session, irrespective of machine problems that might come up
  • currently only on nanoCT (samples smaller than approx 25 mm)

3. Make your own quotes online

  • system almost ready: starting 1 Feb
  • check the price for a scan, without any hassles
  • find a scan quality and service combination that fits your pocket
  • book your scans without any delays, any time of day!

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