Jan 11

Non-destructive testing of a bike helmet

One of our clients from 2012/2013 contacted us with a private testing request: he fell with his mountain bike hitting his head very hard on a rock, causing serious whiplash. He wanted us to inspect possible damage to his helmet in the impact location. We performed two scans for this, one full-helmet scan and one zoom-scan of the impact area. The impact area was marked by sticky tape and prestik. Images and videos below show the internal structure in various visualizations, and absolutely no damage was observed under-surface in this case. Damage is usually visible in the form of cracks (black lines in greyscale images) or even sometimes worse – delaminations or material permanent deformation. All credit to the helmet manufacturer and the impact-absorbing material used.

Here a video of the full helmet scan: Helmet Video 1-1(1)


Here images of the zoom-scan of region of suspected impact damage:

And a video of the impact region showing no change to underlying material: Helmet Zoom-1


If you want to do this for your sports equipment, book a scan at the link above, the estimated job time is 2 hrs for basic scan and check for damage (one scan).

If you want to use these images or videos in any form please cite our facility as the source

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