Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity in advanced imaging of developing xylem!

The EucXylo Research Chair at Stellenbosch University has an exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral researcher to work on advanced imaging of developing xylem.

Interested candidates are invited to apply to lead research into non-destructive methods for observing and quantifying developmental processes in differentiating xylem in eucalypts. This could include work in one or more directions including:

• Optimizing and developing CT-scanning procedures for visualizing cambial cells in living plants in collaboration with the CT-scanning facility at Stellenbosch University, or

• Finding appropriate methods for live-cell imaging using confocal and correlative microscopy, or

• Using techniques such as MRI and PET to resolve cell-level detail in deep plant tissue.

Ultimately, development of one or more approaches allowing imaging of living cambial cells and differentiating xylem in situ would be an ideal outcome of the postdoctoral fellowship.

For more information see this link to the full advert. Please apply before the 18th of September 2020!

Only applications sent in via the route specified in the advert will be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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