Attending the inaugural Q-NET workshop

Members of EucXylo recently attended the inaugural (virtual) workshop hosted by Q-NET – a newly-formed and rapidly-growing network intended for scholars using Quantitative Wood Anatomy (QWA) in various contexts. The network is intended to promote interdisciplinary collaborations for advancing methodologies and knowledge in this field, and is currently supported by the Association for Tree-Ring Research (ATR), the International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA), and the Tree-Ring Society (TRS).

Screenshot from Q-NET virtual workshop showing Dr Georg von Arx outlining the Q-NET process for promoting collaboration

The inaugural workshop was a great opportunity for EucXylo researchers (including students) to interact with colleagues across the world (from 45 countries, at current count). Almost 200 motivated researchers attended the event, and after an initial presentation by Q-NET Coordination Team founding member Dr Georg von Arx, we were divided between ten different sessions depending on topic of greatest interest.

Screenshot of Q-NET workshop showing another member of the Coordination Team giving an overview of the ten different session topics

EucXylo members attended several sessions including ‘Modelling & QWA: from cell to ecosystem‘, where the previous work of Dr Dave Drew in pioneering xylogenesis modelling in hardwoods was highlighted by the session moderators. EucXylo members participated in the lively discussions, aimed at identifying key knowledge gaps and next steps in the field, and the experience was invigorating and gratifying.

Congratulations to Dr Georg von Arx and the other members of the Q-NET Coordination Team for a well-organized inaugural event, and for initiating such a valuable community platform!

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