Dr Annemarie Eckes-Shephard visiting

Dr. Annemarie Eckes-Shephard, who is presently a post-doctoral fellow at Lund University, Sweden, is visiting with us at EucXylo. Annemarie previously finished her PhD at Cambridge University under Prof Andrew Friend.

Annemarie’s work at Lund focuses on global vegetation responses to environmental change, using a range of computer models. Annemarie has a particular interest in wood formation models, and how the wood formation process can be best incorporated in larger-scale models.

Dave and Annemarie have previously published two papers together. One in Frontiers and the other in Current Forestry Reports. This visit will further cement collaboration opportunities. In particular, they will be working on re-coding wood formation models such as Dave’s eucalypt model into R, and to make this and other models FAIRER. Also, Annemarie will be doing some teaching, bringing fresh perspectives to undergrad and post-graduate students at the Department.

Annemarie has also managed to enjoy some of the local sights, including a visit to an ancient Yellowwood at Vergelegen and a winetasting at the lovely Dornier. She was excited to be able to see chameleons (on more than one occasion) as well as a male and female pair of Welwitschias at the University Botanical Garden.

Annemarie and Dave enjoying fine wines at the Dornier wine estate
Annemarie visiting the large, multi-hundred year-old Podocarpus at Vergelegen.


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