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The end of Windows 7

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

After 10 years support Windows 7 came to an end on 14 January 2020.

How does this affect you? 

After January 14 your PC will no longer receive security updates or technical support from Microsoft. Subsequently your PC will pose a threat to the university’s network and we will have to remove it from the network for security reasons. This also means that you data will be unprotected and you could potentially have no access to the network (in other words, no internet, email, etc.).

Therefore, if your PC is still running on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you will have to upgrade to Windows 10, an operating system which can provide the latest security updates to keep your data safe. You can read more on Microsoft software’s life cycle on their site.

Upgrades from Windows 7 & 8.1 to Windows 10 will be free for staff. To request this upgrade, please log a request on the ICT Partner Portal (Select Get Desktop/laptop support). Please include the following information in the request:

  • the computer’s asset number
  • contact number
  • building name
  • room number

As the computer’s specifications have been checked, a request will be logged on our ICT Partner Portal and you will automatically receive an email. If any other actions are needed, an IT technician will also contact you.

Older equipment may need components for the upgrade and this will be for the account of the department. There might also be a possibility that very old equipment will not be able to be upgraded due to hardware limitations. 

IT will do the following without charge:

  1. Upgrade the operating system from Windows 7 & 8.1 to Windows 10
  2. Work related data will be backed up to OneDrive

You will have to pay for:

  1. Backups of all data.
  2. Hardware components necessary for the upgrade to Windows 10

If IT is requested to backup data, the cost will be as follow:

Less than 15GB – R1230-00
More than 15GB – R2120-00

Relevant articles on the end of Windows 7:

Web applications back online

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

At approximately 12:30 yesterday afternoon various web applications were impacted by a major incident on our systems infrastructure. This caused the following services to be offline: exam results; exam schedules; loading marks; e-thesis; Sun-e-HR; password change; e-Payments and the SU contact centre’s Agent Portal.

We thank you for your patience during this widespread disruption of system availability. All systems and applications were restored to normal operation by 17:00. We are investigating the incident to determine the root cause and will implement any possible remedy to prevent future occurrence.

During incidents such as these please remember to follow our Twitter feed where we will post regular updates.

If you have any questions, please log a request on the ICT Partner Portal or contact the IT Service Desk at 021 808 4367.

Scheduled IT maintenance: 13-17 December

Monday, November 18th, 2019

Information Technology will be conducting scheduled maintenance on various components of the IT infrastructure over the weekend of 13 December and some downtime can be expected. 

Quarterly, scheduled maintenance will be taking place from Friday, 13 December 17:00 until Tuesday, 17 December at 08:00. Various IT services and systems are affected by this and can be partly or in their entirety, unavailable. Due to the extent of this maintenance and the necessity for thorough testing of systems and services the possibility exists for continued interruptions into the following week.

Please rest assured that we will try our best to limit interruptions to a minimum. For inquiries please contact the IT Service Desk at 021 808 4367 or log a request on the ICT Partner Portal.

SUNFin remains on track

Friday, August 30th, 2019

The SUNFin Implementation Project remains on track for our target date of January 2021. We have been busy completing RAPID data spreadsheets with Stellenbosch University information and data and we have submitted this to our implementation partner, Visions Consulting. Visions Consulting has started the configuration of Iteration 1 of the Oracle Cloud Financials system.

The plan is to complete the configuration of Iteration 1 by the second week of October. Workshops to review Iteration 1 will be scheduled shortly once we have confirmation from Visions Consulting on the exact dates.

In the meantime, the Business Optimisation workstream has commenced with End-to-End (E2E) process workshops to start identifying the key gaps between SU’s current financial business processes and the standard Oracle Cloud Financial processes. As far as possible, SU has agreed to adopt the standard Oracle processes and identify the key changes we will need to make to our current business processes to maximise the benefits of the new system.

For more information on the SUNFin Implementation Project, please visit

Please email questions, comments, concerns or ideas you may have regarding the SUNFin project to

Learning Technologies: How, what and where?

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Over the years you may have heard many terms, including computer-assisted learning, e-learning, blended learning, and technology enabled learning, to name a few. The common denominator being learning. Educational Technologies/ Learning Technologies refers to the “broad range of communication, information, and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching and assessment.”[1] These also include the systems, networks and databases required to support the various forms of technology that are used by lecturers and students on a daily basis.

In the Stellenbosch University context, the support and delivery of effective Learning Technology Systems requires the collaborative effort of a number of individuals who work across Faculties and Support services. We realise that as a lecturer, administrative officer or student, what you really want to know is who to contact when you need help, and what the help is that you may ask for.

This collaborative team incorporates 4 levels of support and includes a range of services, systems and platforms including, but not limited to:

  1. The Learning Management System (SUNLearn)
  2. SUNStream
  3. Project management for new system development
  4. Microsoft Teams for educational purposes
  5. SUNOnline (the short course Learning Management System)
  6. Student feedback system
  7. E-Portfolios




Support type



Blended learning coordinator
Computer User Area Staff

  • Advisory / hands-on training for staff
  • Direct CUA support

Contact directly via email



Centre for Learning Technologies

  • Staff and student queries for Learning technologies via a support desk
  • Staff training for specific Learning Technologies
  • Training material development
  • Instructional design support
021 808-2222

Student Feedback Office

  • Student feedback system
021 808 3717


Academic ICT: Learning Technology Systems

  • Relationship management between Faculties and ICT
  • Project advice and management for learning technology projects in Faculties
  • Management of Learning Technology Systems
  • Advisory service

ICT Partner portal:


Short Course Division

  • SUNOnline, Short course applications, registration and payment


ICT Operations and Institutional Software Teams

  • Architecture, development, maintenance, security, priority incident management

ICT Partner Portal


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