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Skype Translate released end of 2014

Friday, June 6th, 2014

We recently told you about Skype’s new free group video calls and now they’ve upped their game and added yet another new function. 

Last week Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Skype will soon be able to translate voice and video calls in near-real-time.  This means you can speak Afrikaans to your Russian colleague in Moscow and you will be able to understand each other without using a common language such as English. Since Skype has over 300-million users each month, Skype Translate will have a huge international reach.

Skype Translate uses ”transfer learning” – it get better at the languages it already knows each time it learns a new one. Microsoft isn’t clear on how this works, but we can safely say that its a very useful algorithm.

The software is currently still in it’s testing phase, but Microsoft officially announced a beta-test version will be available for Windows 8 by the end of this year. If you want to see how Skype Translate works, have a look at the demo video.

Screen shot of the Skype Translate demo at Code Conference.


Skype group video calls now free

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

If you have friends and family overseas, you’ll know that Skype is a pretty convenient tool to communicate with them for free or at a relatively low cost. You’re also one of already 663 million registered Skype users.

Skype celebrates it’s eleventh birthday this year and was developed as a voice-over IP and instant messaging service by Janus Friis  from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden. Friis and Zennström came up with Skype by combining the two words – sky and peer.

Microsoft became the owners of Skype in 2011 at the significant cost of $8.5 billion. However,  the head offices aren’t located in America as one would expect, but in Luxembourg and the largest part of Skype’s development team and 44 % of it’s staff os located in Tallinn and Tartu in Estonia.

Skype enables you to communicate with anyone through earphones, via video with a webcam or by typing instant messsages. Calls to other Skype users are free, while land line and cellphone calls are debited from your account.

Other than these usual functions, it can also be used for file transfers and group video calling. Until recently group video calling has only been available at a cost  to premium users, but luckily this has changed and the service is now free to all Skype users.

Skype video calling gives you the opportunity to make group calls to a maximum of 9 people at the same time with a webcam. If you want to use this new, free function, you can read more about it on the Skype website.


Overseas and need our help?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Previously you could only reach us by phone or e-mail, then you could follow our blog and tweets.

Now you can contact us via Skype when you’re overseas and in dire need of some computer related assistance.

Save yourself those exorbitant international call costs and look for us on Skype by searching for or the username itstellenuni.

Skype users targeted by ransomware

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Skype users are being targeted by a round of ransomware that is being sent around as a message from contacts.

The message reads  “lol is this your new profile pic?”, which is followed by a link. If the Skype users clicks on the link, a zip file containing an executable that infects the computer system.

The system is the locked down and displays a message demanding money.

More about the Skype ransomware.



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