Feb 12

3D Printed Sugar Pot Test

As an example a Sugar Bowl and Spoon was 3D printed for the CT Scanner Facility (Figure 1) all clients are welcome to come and make use of this with their free coffee. This was a great opportunity to show how these techniques (3D Scanning and Printing) can be used in conjunction.  The sugar pot and spoon were CT scanned in order to compare how accurate the printer can replicate the STL model it is using to create the 3D print.

20150211_155303Figure 1 – 3D print of sugar bowl and spoon

A nominal actual comparison was performed on the CT Scan and STL of the 3D print using Volume Graphics VGStudio Max 2.2 (Figure 2 – 4). The 3D rendering of the left of each images indicates the analysis performed. The Red/Green/Blue colour scheme indicates the deviation of the STL compared to the print. The Red indicates that the section is larger than the STL, Blue is smaller and green is accurate. 

09022015_01 Sugar pot 6

Figure 2 – 3D Print of Sugar Bowl09022015_01 Sugar pot 7

Figure 3 – 3D Print of Sugar Bowl Lid 09022015_01 Sugar pot 4

Figure 4 – 3D Print of Spoon