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Jan 11

Non-destructive testing of a bike helmet

One of our clients from 2012/2013 contacted us with a private testing request: he fell with his mountain bike hitting his head very hard on a rock, causing serious whiplash. He wanted us to inspect possible damage to his helmet in the impact location. We performed two scans for this, one full-helmet scan and one …

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Sep 10

Segmentation services: biomedical & clinical

As a world leading 3D data analysis services provider, we offer segmentation services for all types of 3D data including biomedical research and clinical CT scans, MRI scans and more. Rates start at the the equivalent of 1 hr of processing cost per hour (see “rates” tab). As affiliated member of the Stellenbosch Institute for …

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Aug 04

Analysis method for porous concrete

Often it is necessary to understand the 3D porous structure of materials, but the analysis can be complicated in 3D due to the high interconnectivity of pores. A relatively simple analysis is the foam structure analysis which seperates connected pore spaces making the analysis more realistic and comparable between samples, to understand the real pore …

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Jun 17

Failure analysis

This video shows the 3D morphology of a crack in steel. This is used for failure analysis in various industries and for all kinds of products and materials. Such information (as crack morphology in 3D) is useful for safety investigations, lifetime prediction, failure root cause analysis for future prevention, and also for legal disputes. Video …

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Jun 03

Biomedical CT scans

Any medical CT data can be processed, visualized and analyzed in detail at our facility. Got a medical CT data set and need something MORE? No problem, we do it. All we need is the DICOM or image stack with XYZ slice and pixel spacing. We also handle 3D data from serial block face imaging, …

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Jun 02

How to crop a volume

CT data is big. Sometimes you need to share data more easily, for example using file transfer services but 10 Gb just doesnt work. Here is a video showing how to select a region of interest and export it to a new volume of less than 2Gb, with a VGL file associated with it so …

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Jun 02

Level 3 lockdown

Great news – we have opened under strict level 3 conditions from 1 June 2020. We are open for work under the following rules: From June 1st, clients are advised to use the drop-off booking option to submit samples for scanning or data for analysis Samples and data drives will be delivered at scheduled …

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Jan 24

Reverse engineering a drone blade

This examples shows a microCT scan of a drone blade – with the creation of a volume mesh – useful for reverse engineering or simulation. Enjoy the video Drone blade smaller Here is the volume mesh file if interested:

Oct 30

Halloween CT scan

If embedded version does not work here is a link to the video: halloween Here an image if you have trouble with the video:

Sep 04

Foam structure analysis

In this example a nanoCT scan of a 3 mm section of rigid foam is used to demonstrate the analysis of connected pore spaces. For more technical details please contact us, the images speak “volumes” by themselves: