Price List

We sell digital X-ray and CT imaging and analysis services: top quality, fast turnaround.

We are an academic research facility and our main aim is to make this technology accessible to researchers and the broader user community including small to large industries. We are a division of Stellenbosch University and purchase orders and payments are made to Stellenbosch University. All prices below are VAT EXCLUSIVE and external clients pay additional 7% admin fee.

We create a quote by email within 24hrs based on your specific needs, typical jobtime for planning is 1 hr per sample for basic scan and 1 hr per sample for basic routine analysis. Maximum scantime is 6 hrs per sample at highest resolution nanoCT scan (for one section, multiple sections are possible). It is possible sometimes for reduced quality to scan up to 5 samples per hour or sometimes more if multiple small objects are loaded. These reduce the quality and increase the complexity of the post-processing, so its not always a good idea. But it is possible to scan hundreds or thousands of samples, and we have done this for fruits and small animal specimens, while making it cost effective for the researchers involved.

Please note academic prices are for legitimate academic work by students and researchers. Staff or students fronting for industry clients constitutes a serious abuse of the system and the matter will be taken up with the Director and the relevant Head of Department and/or Dean.

See this example: where each step is equal to 1 hr,  to get a good idea of the costing for an industrial nondestructive test example, or contact us with your request for a free quote.

International rate Industry rate SA academic rate Stellenbosch University rate*
MicroCT per hr US$ 220 R2000 R1000 R750
NanoCT per hr US$ 220 R2000 R1000 R750
Analysis PC use per 4 hr session US$ 220 R2000 R1000 R750
Custom analysis by experts per hr US$ 220 R2000 R1000 R750
Hard drive and data transfer US$ 220 R2000 R1400 R1400
  • prices exclude 7% admin fee, and 15% VAT (no VAT on international)

* Stellenbosch University price is subsidized for legitimate academic work by students, and is due to co-investment of initial investment

New to this and want to know how much one part will cost? First-time customers – 4 hrs will buy you an optimized scan of one part and demo of what CT can do for you. This helps to define pricing for a batch of similar scans. All quotes are always fixed – once quoted the price will never inflate.

Please get your quote by placing an order with details on the online shopping tool. Here is a video demonstrating this process for 20 samples at basic scan quality:

Quote System video