Category: composites

Sep 25

Carbon fibre with paint coating

In this example, thanks to one of our clients, we can share some images of a carbon fibre material with a painted coating. We show how the coating thickness can be assessed with an automatic “wall thickness analysis” across the field of view, indicating variations in thickness by colour changes. A fibre orientation analysis shows …

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May 19

Fibre orientation analysis

Metal fibres (wires) and mesh are often used to reinforce concrete structures, but the angles of these fibres and their separation can affect the strength of the structure, hence full 3D analysis of the fibre orientation can be very useful in understanding material performance. This example shows colour coding for 3D angle orientation, ie. the …

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Jan 28

Technology for sport: demonstration of CT scans for crack detection in arrow and bow for archery

In this example, a cracked arrow and cracked bow were scanned as a demonstration of this technology for archery. The idea is that used equipment can be scanned to confirm the lack of internal cracks or defects. This improves the performance of the¬†sports equipment and in the case of archery will result in less¬†accidents. These …

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Jan 28

Composite wind turbine blade

This wind turbine blade is seen in a semi-transparent animation, showing a lead weight near the tip of the blade for improved mass distribution. rotate semitransparent 1  

Jan 09

Paper with thin coating

To see rotation animation click here: Paper coating rotation To see clipping animation click here: Clipping paper coating 3D image: