Jan 28

Technology for sport: demonstration of CT scans for crack detection in arrow and bow for archery

In this example, a cracked arrow and cracked bow were scanned as a demonstration of this technology for archery. The idea is that used equipment can be scanned to confirm the lack of internal cracks or defects. This improves the performance of the sports equipment and in the case of archery will result in less accidents. These images are thanks to an Olympic archery coach

Rotation movie of broken arrow: Arrow rotation

Images of arrow cross sections: unbroken and broken

Images of recurve bow crack – measurements from two views


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    • Johan Steyn on March 11, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Dear Dr. Du Plessiss

    Thank you very much for the work you did regarding the arrow scan. It will surely be published and communicated to archers in the South African environment. The South African Archery Association maintain a safe sport due to strict safety regulations and awareness. The possibility of breaking arrows due to prior damage is always there. Archers are reminded to check their arrows after every round. These images will make them even more aware to the danger of shooting damaged arrows
    Thank you for making the effort. You form part of maintaining Archery as one of the safest sports today.

    Johan Steyn

    Coach for the SA Olympic Team London 2012 (Archery)

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