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Feb 07

What is inside a Samsung S7 smartphone?

This case study is a quick but powerful demo of what X-ray CT inspection can do. The Samsung S7 used in the test is my own phone, 2 years old and not in use. This phone was released about the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – which had battery explosions often. The …

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Jan 17

Bike frame scanning

Here is a video of a recent scan, watch this space for more info! bike NDT small video

Nov 01

View from the inside

This is a microCT image of the inside of a 3D printed metal lattice structure – the struts are 0.75 mm wide and rough as built by laser melting of metal powder.

Nov 01

Fully booked for 2018

Sorry but we are fully booked for the rest of 2018. We can still do surface scanning with our Artec scanners, and we can make image analysis or you can book for your own image analysis sessions, but scanning is not possible this year anymore. If you have a super critical scan to be done, …

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Jan 25

New developments for 2018

With a new year comes new exciting capabilities and possibilities for our users. We have the following new additions to the facility, all becoming fully available on 1 Feb: New scanners: Artec Eva and Spider Artec Eva and Spider are two scanners meant for 3D scanning of any objects to generate accurate surface models, including …

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Nov 10

Step by step microCT scan process

Here are some photos of a typical scan process, in photo steps: Step 1: Load the sample in some low density mounting material – the sample is a concrete of undisclosed origin, and the project will not be discussed here \ Step 2: load the sample into a rod or cylinder Step 3: open the …

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Aug 03

Metal casting analysis

Metal castings typically contain porosity which can affect the strength and lifetime of the part. Excessive porosity can be reduced by optimizing the casting parameters, and the best way to do this is to visualize and quantify defect sizes by X-ray microCT. It is also possible to routinely check castings to ensure nothing changes in …

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Aug 02

Medical implant testing

X-ray microCT is nondestructive and therefore is used for testing produced parts for porosity or inclusions (defects) and sometimes for wall thickness or deviation from CAD design. All these types of analysis can be used to assess a part before implanting it into a patient. We provided this service for a recent implant patient who …

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Aug 02

Analysis of 3D printed parts

This example shows a typical microCT analysis of 3D printed parts. 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies differ widely and quality control of these parts are very important. In this example, Markforged parts were scanned of the following types: 1. Nylon 2. Short fibres in onyx plastic 3. Long fibres in nylon Here is a …

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Mar 28

Insect analysis

In this example a stag beetle is imaged, especially with a nice video. Image analysis and visualization done in VGStudioMax 3.0 Video: stag beetle new