Jul 31

Botany CT Scans

In this example, preliminary work was done by Prof Guy Midgley investigating the internal structures of selected South African plant leaves. One succulent and one Leucadendron laureolum leaf was scanned at different resolutions, though even higher resolution and detail is still possible. See below images of the succulent and images and a movie of the Leucadendron laureolum (protea family) leaf. In the video, the veins are red and later a defect analysis shows the distribution of air spaces, while even later closeup views of both surfaces show surface features. This is an example of what can be done in a 4-5 hr session at our facility.

succulent leaf slice top view

succulent leaf slice side view

water drop between succulent leaves

leaf hairs

leaf hairs side view 3D

leaf surface closeup

leaf internal slice front view

Full video here: protea leaf video