Well under way for experiments and exciting data!

Post authored by Yenziwe Mbuyisa

Yenziwe Mbuyisa, a M.Sc. candidate, is looking at the water-use efficiency of different Eucalyptus clones using stable isotopes. This project is a collaborative effort between EucXylo and the Global Change Biology Group (GCBG) under the supervision of Prof. Guy Midgley and Prof. Dave Drew.

The year has gone by so fast, but we have made good progress into preparing for our investigation of ‘The effects of temperature on the water-use efficiency and C isotopic discrimination of Eucalyptus grandis and Syzyguim guineense’. Now finally with the completion of an insightful pilot study, which aimed to assess the feasibility of the experimental design of this M.Sc. project, I have begun setting up for my experiment. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been preparing my planting medium and transplanting my E. grandis and S. guineense seedlings into their growth mediums. I have also done the first set of initial measurements; they will be ready soon to undergo their first temperature treatment.

Looking forward to start understanding how these two Myrtacae species will respond to predicted temperature variability and varying water availability.

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