Visit from Prof Zander Myburg

Post authored by Prof Dave Drew

On Thursday 10th March, Prof Zander Myburg visited the EucXylo team in Stellenbosch. Prof Myburg leads the Forest Molecular Genetics group at University of Pretoria. One of his major achievements is his significant participation in the full sequencing of the genome of Eucalyptus grandis.

Prof Myburg and Prof David Drew, who leads the EucXylo research program, discussed a wide range of exciting opportunities for increasing future collaboration between the two teams. Ideas included a joint writing/brainstorming “retreat” in the Western Cape, and periodic exchanges between students from Pretoria and Stellenbosch. Prof Drew is involved in one of Prof Myburg’s new projects in which the team will embark on a large-scale genome sequencing of 2 000 Eucalyptus trees. It is possible that one or more EucXylo students could be involved in aspects of this project.

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